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Mindset of Defeat

The mindset of defeat is one of the major tricks of the devil at this end time to rob Christians of their blessings and heavenly promises from their God. The greatest form of defeat is defeating oneself (following one’s inclination or thought via human calculations) even before the situation or enemy defeat one. Thus, a Christian that is ready to get the best from God must learn how to overcome the mindset of defeat using his/her faith.

The first step to overcoming such mindset is to avoid asking God how He wants to get done what He is promising to do. WHY? Because, even if He tell us how, we always tend to question Him further because as to the reasonableness of what He has said; thus weakening our chance of believing and trusting in His words. However, the one who overcomes the mindset of defeat does not consider the reasonable of what God is saying but simply belief by faith (i.e. THUS SAYETH THE LORD), and never doubt God.

What then is mindset?

(1) A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.

(2) An inclination or a habit usually formed over a long time that governs how we reason or judge situations or words of others.

What is defeat?

(1) To prevent the success of;

(2) Failure to win

(3) A coming to naught; frustration: the defeat of a lifelong dream.

Thus, a man/woman with the mindset of defeat is a person who always figures out nothing but a failure in all circumstance or situations of life. It is a mind that is full of traditions and human calculations to all situations to dispute what God has said concerning him/her or to the situation he/she is facing. He/she is always business weighing what God has said and the reasonableness of what He has said.


The following are obvious in the living and life style of those who carry the mindset of defeat and honestly they hardly get the best from God and most times, it takes them 40 years to get what they ought to get in 40 days. Most of their heavenly gifts and blessings have been in God’s store room for many years, there unclaimed. So, what about them? – Deut 1:19-42; Num 13:26-33

The people with the mindset of defeat:

1. Don’t take the commandment of God with seriousness (Deut 1:19-21a)

2. They are usually fearful and discouraged (v 21b)

3. They always believe in their experience and trust their traditional ways of doing things even at the expense of God’s ‘go ahead’ (v 22)

4. They easily forget the good side of a situation and major on the negative side (v 25)

5. They have unwilling heart and usually rebelled against God’s words or commandments (v 26)

6. They love grumbling instead of making their state of mind known to God and rather see God as being too harsh, ridiculous and wicked (v 27)

7. They are evil report carriers and make other people loose heart on challenging situations (v 28a)

8. They consider most times the physical aspect of a situation rather than the spiritual aspect (v 28b)

9. They are terrified by every small challenges of today and easily forget the miracles and testimonies of yesterday (v 29-46)

Numbers 13:26-33 highlighted other characteristics of the mindset of defeat

1. They usually carry the I CAN’T DO IT spirit (v 31)

2. They like physical comparison in terms of finance, strength, power, wealth, etc (v32-33)

Note: The spies reported that they look like grasshoppers to them and that they are. How can one so much defile the very image of God he/she carries? The same way many of us today call ourselves one thing or the other when challenges surface. Let it be far away from you!


Considering Joshua and Caleb in our passages:

1. Enriching our lives with the word of God and understand their application at all times (Num 13:30)

2. Avoid all actions that may affect our faith in God and trust on His words (e.g. let’s spy) – Deut 1:22

3. Learn to trust God in all situations, be not afraid and be courageous (Deut 1:21b; Pro 3:5 & 6)

4. Building strength to face current challenges by stepping on yesterdays testimonies of God in your life, that if He has done that, He can do this (Deut 1: 29ff)

Conclusively, overcoming the mindset of defeat is very crucial to every Christian who wants to stay with God and get the best from Him.

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